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Infrastructura and Telemobility Forum join in Torino to create a new exhibition

15/17 October 2009, Lingotto Fiere - TORINO - ITALY


Lingotto Fiere/Group GL events Italia, Wireless, Torino Chamber of Commerce and Torino Wireless, are partners in the organization of ITN, Infrastructure, Telematics and Navigation Expo. The event will merge Telemobility Forum, the largest and most important telematics and navigation event in Europe since 2002, with Infrastructura the former Biennial International Show of Infrastructures.

ITN, Infrastructure, Telematics and Navigation Expo will take place on October 15-17 at Lingotto Fiere in Torino, Italy, and aims to become the first event in Europe offering a complete overview on Intelligent Transport Systems, from ITS to intelligent infrastructures.

Telemobility Forum 2008 Torino-Milano facts and figures: over 2200 participants, 84 sponsors, exhibitors and partner, over 131 speakers, 20 specialist high-level conferences, and massive media coverage by 45 newspapers, radio and TV stations who were present at the event.
Infrastructura 2007 facts and figures: 3224 visitors, 68 exhibitors, 8 congress sessions and 65 speakers both from Italy and abroad.

The International reference event for telematic world comes to the eighth edition and comes back to Turin

15/16 October 2009


Presented every year since 2002, Telemobility Forum is the first and only European event for satellite navigation, infomobility and localisation services. In its first six years, the success of Telemobility Forum has seen constant growth not just in visitor numbers, sponsors and exhibitors, but also in strategic opportunities for exchange, business and networking for the attending delegates and their companies.

Wireless confirms its position as the leading events provider in the telematics and infomobility sectors:
Here’s how Telemobility Forum 2008 Turin-Milan went, in figures: over 2200 participants, 84 sponsors, exhibitors and partner, over 131 speakers, 20 specialist high-level conferences, and massive media coverage by no fewer than 45 newspapers, radio and TV stations who were present at the event.

A succesful sinergy: the 2009 edition will be organized by Tourin Chamber of Commerce and Wireless, with scientific partnership of Torino Wireless and international support of Enterprise Europe Network.

Some of the topics that we’ll be discussing in 2008 are:

Personal Navigation Devices:

  • Embedded and dashboard-mounted GPS receivers for vehicle applications
  • Personal Navigation: GPS/PDA receivers for Outdoor/Sport/Personal Safety/Emergency
  • Location Based Systems per Smartphone e PDA
  • Software GPS


Indoor Positioning & Asset Tracking:

  • Local positioning systems (LPS) e Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)
  • LPS/RTLS for emergency calls (i.e., E911/E112) from handsets and VoIP
  • Infrastructure components, indoor position computation, indoor maps
  • Asset management and tracking using RFID, RTLS and Wi-Fi
  • Assets monitoring of vehicles, cargo containers, packages
  • Personal vehicle tracking and teen and elderly driver safety
  • Fixed asset management
  • Mobile tracking of people by using cellular phones
  • Metropolitan mobility management


Web 2.0 & Geocontents:

  • Tools to share and use geographic data e POIs
  • POIs exchange and DRM issues
  • Personal Locator Services: Children, parents, relatives, friends
  • Multimedia and User Generated content [UGC] for geotagged Communities
  • Local Search and Proximity Marketing solutions
  • Business models and profit from proximity based marketing and advertising
  • Location-based mobile advertising models without GPS signal


AVL/AVM / Fleet Management:

  • Fleet localisation and route optimisation solutions
  • Localisation services in ASP
  • Route management services for public transport
  • Tourism localisation services
  • Provision/supply services


Smart ticketing and parking:

  • Parking payment systems
  • Road toll payment systems
  • Wireless ticketing systems for public transport
  • Tracing and remote immobilisation after theft of a vehicle: solutions and legislative problems
  • Payment Service Providers
  • NFC e Mobile Payment


Galileo and GNSS:

  • Terminals and devices
  • Roadmap / General project activities
  • Opportunities for SME and system integrators
  • Calls for Bids and Tenders


On-board Telematics and Car Sensors:

  • Wireless modules for automotive applications
  • On-board terminals, navigation systems and accessories
  • Embedded HW and SW for automotive applications
  • Middleware, development environments and test software
  • Car-to-Car Communication (C2C) and Car-to-Infrastructure (C2I) technologies
  • Wireless vehicle sensors for driving assistance and diagnostics


Green Mobility:

Telemobility forum 2009 will give a special attention to new vehicles and new intermodality and infomobility systems


Emergency and Safety:

  • On-board systems for public security/safety and police
  • Systems for Civil Defence, fire brigade and ambulance
  • Personal emergency/security/safety systems
  • Solutions for Operations centres with integration of management and cartographic systems
  • Antennas and special accessories / specialist on-board terminals and displays


GIS & Mapping:

  • Digital cartography products and solutions, both on CDROM and in ASP mode
  • Embedded and dashboard-mounted GPS receivers for vehicle applications
  • Personal Navigation: GPS/PDA receivers for Outdoor/Sport/Personal Safety/Emergency
  • Location Based Systems for Smartphones and PDAs
  • Indoor Navigation: precision positioning inside buildings or delimited areas
  • GPS Software
  • Themed digital cartography for art cities, national parks, cycle paths
  • Innovative travel accessories

Innovators Forum:

  • Emerging open-standards for creating and sharing geodata
  • GeoRSS, KML, GPX and other data format standards
  • Open Source GIS Platforms for LBS services
  • GFOSS - Geospatial Free Open Source Software 



Telemobility Forum 2009 is a unique opportunity for comparing and exchanging ideas with the leading companies in the sector. It features dedicated programmes of events designed especially for each stop, to generate opportunities for debate and exchange with a select public.



Telemobility Forum has always stood out for the excellence of its conferences, the true star attractions on the programme at our events. Internationally-prominent speakers, experts in the sector, representatives of institutions and associations, operators and analysts all actively participate in these conferences, defining and describing current trends, evolutionary scenarios, emerging sectors and new developments, and focusing on topics like Telematics, Satellite Navigation, Indoor Positioning, Asset Tracking, GPS & Galileo and Geo-advertising.


Some 2008 keynote speakers
Matteo Antoniola, Project Manager Fondazione Torino Wireless
Samuele Astuti, Ricercatore Senior, Lab#ID, UniversitÓ “Carlo Cattaneo” – LIUC di Castellana
Armando Bazzani, Laboratorio di Fisica, UniversitÓ di Bologna
Angelo Benvenuto, Head of Business Development Professional Clients, Selex Communications
Piero Bergamini, Presidente e Amministratore Delegato, Infoblu - Gruppo Autostrade
Raniero Bernard Presidente BPG Radiocom Srl
Antonella Bientinesi, Consulente fiscale, ASSTRA – Associazione Trasporti
Luigi Bragagnini, Coordinatore ATS IRGAL, Consorzio Torino Time
Paolo Caligaris Direzione Economia Montana e Foreste, Regione Piemonte
Mirco Cantelli, Direttore Strategia Aziendale, ATAF Firenze
Antonio Capone Professore Associato - Dipartimento di Elettronica Politecnico di Milano
Mario Caporale, Direttore ASI- Agenzia Spaziale Italia
Daniela Carbone Responsabile servizio innovazioni tecnologiche, ASSTRA
Paola Carrea, Magneti Marelli
Marco Cavallini,
Paolo Cavallini, Presidente, - Associazione Italiana per l'Informazione Geografica Libera
Emilio Cera, Chairman Comitato Scientifico, TTS Italia - Direttore Direzione Sistemi, ATAC
Roberto Cerruti, Direttore Sistemi Informativi ACTV Venezia
Faek Christian Madwar, Field Application Engineer, u-blox AG
Mario Citelli, Beltel
Claudio Claroni Direttore- CLUB ITALIA
Daniela D'Aloisi, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
Gianni Damian, CEO, Contradata
Camilla De Micheli, AMA – Agenzia Milanese MobilitÓ e Ambiente
Davide Diamantini, Professore, UniversitÓ degli Studi Milano Bicocca
Nevio di Giusto Presidente ATA
Daniela Esposito, Top Client Marketing ICT, Telecom Italia
Alessandro Fiorentino Responsabile strategie e sviluppo partnership passeggeri Trenitalia
Giovanni Foti, Direttore Generale, 5T Torino
Massimo Gaido Centro ricerche Fiat
Renato Galliano, Direttore, Milano Metropoli Agenzia di Sviluppo
Riccardo Garosci Consigliere Speciale Commissione Europea
Eric Gross Directeur de programmes Pole du vehicule du Futur
Stefano Karadjov, Docente - UniversitÓ Cattolica di Milano
Alessandro La Rocca, Responsabile Sistemi di vendita, Trenitalia
Josef Lageder, General Manager People Access, Skidata
Nicola Lavenuta, Amministratore Delegato, MAC&NIL Informatica - Elettronica - Telecomunicazioni
Gian Lorenzo De Vincenzi, Direttore Tecnico, Milanoserravalle-Milano Tangenziali
Romano Lovison, Presidente, ANSSAT - Carlo Lungaro, Direttore Generale, Comune di San Donato Milanese
Marco Magnarosa, Vicepresidente, CUBIT
Andrea Manfron, Responsabile Area Tecnica, AISCAT
Fabio Marangini, Responsabile Commerciale e di Business Development, Tmind
Filippo Margary Amministratore Delegato Enzima-P
Carlo Maria Medaglia, Coordinatore, RFID Lab UniversitÓ di Roma “La Sapienza”
Roberto Martini, Country Manager, Opticon Italia
Francesco Mazzone, Responsabile Progetti Internazionali - Direzione Studi e Ricerche, Automobile Club D'Italia
Gabriele Minghetti, Direttore Amministrativo e Sistemi Informativi, ATCM
Harald Naumann, Technical Director, Round Solutions
Severo Pace Responsabile Telerilevazione e Bigliettazione Brescia MOBILITA'
Domenico Pierucci Presidente CUNA
Lorenzo Pietrosanti, Responsabile Direzione Generale, TIA – Assoknowledge
Fabio Pressi Responsabile Marketing Infoblu, Gruppo Autostrade
Cristiano Ranalletta, Customer Marketing Manager South Europe, Navteq
Roberto Rasia dal Polo, Giornalista, Radio 24
Lucia Ratti, Direzione Generale infrastruttura e mobilitÓ trasporto, Regione Lombardia
Gaetano Rizzi, Presidente e CEO, IMIN Holding
Giorgio Roberti, Business Development Manager, Centro Epson Meteo
Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director, TomTomWORK - Estran
Annita Serio, Direttore, FedermobilitÓ
Enrico Sponza, Vicepresidente, Movincom
Fabio Torta Direttore TRT Trasporti e Territorio
Luca Turner, Business Sales Manager, Alphabet Italia (Gruppo BMW)
Sandro Vedovi, Consulente per i progetti di sicurezza - Fondazione ANIA - Fondazione per la sicurezza stradale
Antonio Volpe, Country Manager Italia, Cinterion
Giuliana Zennaro, Centro Ricerche Fiat
Mario Zerbini, Responsabile servizio Scopro, Provincia di Milano


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